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3,030 Miles Apart but the Same Holds True

A little bit about my reading habits before I continue. I am a news sponge but not as you would think. I read news on the internet. I have multiple news feeds that, over time, have recognized my likes and dislikes and now can deliver me just the news I am interested in. It’s a really neat deal. The downside is that so many of the stories I am presented with look so good that I need to reserve myself some time each day to get “caught up”. My interests range from technology to classic cars, from gadgets to the universe. I simply have to know what Hubble has seen lately and just how fast the latest supercar can get around the track in Nuremberg. I admit I do own a smart watch that lets me know when I receive an email or text message and who is calling. I am the resident nerd.

This morning during coffee I clicked open my favorite news feed Zite. If you’re not using this on your tablet, phone, or PC I urge you to give it a try. How else are going to know that cooking perfect chicken without drying it out requires only minimal effort.

One story that I found very intriguing was the changes in the building codes in Palo Alto California. You may already know Palo Alto for some of its famous residents like Stanford University, Hewlett-Packard as well as Facebook, Apple, Google and a few more of the giants that either reside or have a major presence there.

It is being reported that the city of Palo Alto is now requiring all new construction of residential homes be pre-wired for electric car chargers. I have always been intrigued with velocity at which companies are rolling out their versions of the electric vehicle. My tastes right now are a little different than the current designs of affordable EV’s but I have no doubt that one will be in my future and most likely sooner rather than later. For now I still need my trusty pickup truck to haul garbage to the dump and tow my family’s trailer on camping trips. I know, I know, a camper that has air-conditioning and even a shower is not really camping but I’ve paid my dues. Many trips with a hatchback and a two person tent with as much food as we could fit into one of the backseats have been a large part of my history. I’ve spent more than my share of time stringing lines across trees trying to dry out any piece of clothing after a night spent in a tent shielding myself from a torrential downpour.

The article goes on to explain how pre-wiring a house for charging a vehicle has an upfront cost of only a couple hundred bucks and to have it done after the fact is far more difficult and costly. That makes sense to me.

This does have a close tie to garage doors or more specifically garage door openers. We run into many scenarios where a customer would like to have a garage door opener installed for the convenience and security they offer. If the garage walls and ceilings are finished it becomes a little more difficult for us to install the opener. Wires have to be fished through walls which does add some time and expense. A house that is pre-wired saves both time and money in the long run.

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