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Doorvember 2014

It’s everywhere, you can’t escape it. Companies from around the world using the latter parts of month names to forge a new word while promoting their products or services.

I felt kinda left out and since Doortober didn’t seem to quite have the ring I was looking for I had to wait till November. Good people of our service area I hereby bequeath the newest pop culture buzzword DoorVember. I slyly took the n-o off of November and added the word door. Pretty slick right?

DoorVember is shaping up to be one of our biggest vembers of them all. I’ve written extensively about how the Garage Door business in Vermont is about as cyclical as you could imagine. No matter how hard we try to promote Overhead Door of Rutland year round everyone seems to be in need in Tober and Vember with a smattering of Ember on either end.

So here we are 3 days away from DoorVember 2014. Our phones are on, our emails are open and we ready more than ever for your request. If your looking to upgrade your garage door, add a whole new system, in need of a repair, or would like a new garage door opener please reach out any way your comfortable.

Happy Doorvember Everybody!