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In todays world businesses spend far too much time on liability limitation in my opinion. Sign this, initial that, copy this and notarize everything else. I long for the days where you “had a guy” that would come and fix something for you because it was important to maintain a relationship with clients. The days when a simple favor was remembered and repaid 10 times over.

Not sure we’re ever getting back to those times but if you look hard enough you’ll still find some companies that operate more in the former than the latter.

Overhead Door of Rutland has it’s roots deeply seeded in this very culture. We still do deals based on a single handshake. It’s true we do have some paperwork that needs to be filled out to make sure we both know exactly what work is to be done.

That single handshake comes with more than 3 decades worth of fair dealing, industry leading service, mechanical experience, and support after the sale. Our reputation is built on these foundations and we understand how important your total satisfaction is.

We proudly serve central/southern Vermont, some of New Hampshire, and parts of New York. To see if you’re in our service area check out dealer locator. Type in your zip code and if you see Overhead Door of Rutland you can rest assured that you’ve got the best.

Let’s shake each other’s hand!

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont