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Because Knowing is Better than Not

I’ve written at length about how long we’ve been in business, what makes us so successful, and why we continue to impress our previous customers and gain so many new ones. The proof is almost always in the details with any mature company.

There is a level of detail that we continue to build upon that is unmatched in our service area. Sure, we can easily and quickly lookup a previous customers address or phone number. Anyone worth his or her salt can handle that. Along those same lines we can also see what service or garage door installation we’ve completed and what date we were there first, last, and in between. Again, this should be part and parcel of anyone’s service business.

Queue the theme from Rocky because here’s where we blow the competition away. We also know, right down to the very last detail, information that from the outside might just look like extraneous work but is extremely helpful when called upon.

We know things like the exact spring size we installed or replaced. When your spring breaks we aren’t going to ask you to go take 14 measurements, count the number of coils, or get us an overall length or even the weight of your Garage Door. We’re going to simply ask you if we did the original installation or service. From there we’re going to look you up in our system or in some cases go pull your original file even if it’s more than a decade old. This way when our technician shows up we will have what we need.

We will know things like who an alternate contact may be for you or your business. If we cannot get you on the phone we have other numbers we can call. This way we can get the information we need quickly and without any additional fanfare.

Servicing garage doors in the great state of Vermont we also know that not every location can be found on a GPS and, heck, even cell phones don’t work well in some areas. With that in mind we also may have the color of your house on file. You’d be surprised how often this helps. We still ask that very question sometimes.

Every piece of paper ever generated for your service or installation still resides under one roof. Some has been turned into digital media but not all but either way we can still put our hands on it very quickly if the need arises.

We schedule our jobs around your availability, not ours. That’s how it should be. As the earth makes another rotation around the sun we will know that technology will be moving just as fast and we are adapting as quickly as it does. This will undoubtedly allow us to bring an even larger level of detail than we enjoy right now.

We keep these things because they keep us in the know. And knowing is better than not.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont