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Damaged Garage Door Section?

Maybe it’s just that time of year or there is some outside force that is causing these issues. Haven’t quite put our finger on the root cause yet but we are seeing a rather large increase in requests for replacement garage door sections.

I think it’s been nice enough outside for folks to really be paying attention to the look and function of their garage doors. Other than a garage door opener malfunction or the occasional car-meets-door collision the main issue seems to be the very bottom section of most doors that coincides with the punishment this past winter has given.

Replacing a section or two in your garage door is a common service we provide. Here at Overhead Door of Rutland we’ve provided a short list of things you need to consider when replacing a section.

The age of your door is going to be the main concern. If you have a rather old garage door we would like to tip our hats to you. You’re aware and have most likely performed the necessary service to keep in in order for all these years. Congrats to you! Like many products garage door lines and styles can be discontinued which means in some cases we may not be able to get the original section(s) for your door. We’re very good and finding close matches and will always offer to explain the differences either by phone or in person so you can make an informed decision.

Colors are another consideration. If we can order or locate you an exact panel match chances are better than not that the color will be off just a little due to fading or painting. You should be aware that a fresh coat of paint might be necessary to get the replacement section to match the existing sections.

Style and “stiles” should be discussed as well. In our world, especially with wooden garage doors, the pattern of your door and how all the stiles line up is also something to consider. If it’s been a period of years the door series you originally had installed may still be available but we’ll need to measure not only the length and height of the section but also the width of all the stiles and rails. You be surprised how glaringly different a 1/8th of an inch makes when installing a new section with varying width of the stiles.

Lastly, of course, is price. You have an otherwise perfectly working and looking door. Replacing a section should be fairly cost effective and will always be less costly than replacing the whole door. But the caveat still remains. Keep in mind that when we quote you the price of your section getting it installed is a lengthy process almost equal to that of a whole new door. We have to disengage the counter balance system including springs, cables, drums, and pulleys. We then have to separate the sections themselves to take down and re-stack the door to insert the new section. All this takes time, almost always requiring two technicians, and does affect the cost.

I have seen where replacing two sections is more costly than a brand new door and in those cases we will always tell you up front what the difference is and why.

We hope this bit if information is helpful and provides just a little food for thought.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont