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I’ve never taken the time to add up all the combined years of experience of our staff. For one, I personally never really put much stock in those claims. If you have one employee that has 40 years on the job and 10 other people with just one year you can claim 50 years combined experience. You really have a bunch of newbies with one long timer. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing just pointing out that it’s not a clear testament to your experience.

What you can tell from an experienced technician is their ability to overcome obstacles. This company, Overhead Door of Rutland, has been here for decades and for the most part so have the technicians. When I first started and didn’t know anyone I could already tell that this group has experience. It’s in the way they communicate, they way they interact with each other and the overwhelming confidence they exude and share.

One of my favorite times of each day is closing time. Not because it’s the end of the day but because it’s when all the trucks return from the days services. As each team comes back in to wrap up paperwork and share the days stories. These stories are not what you would think. They describe in great detail each stop they made, what they encountered while on site, and in some cases, explain specific situations and what they did to complete the job efficiently, accurately, and professionally. These 10 minutes may be the most valuable of the day. They take pride in what they do and the apprentices get to hear “tricks of the trade” and take home with them unique explanations of how circumstances where overcome for their own future use. That’s exceptional teamwork.

Ingenuity is the result of this information exchange and benefits our customers, in many cases, without them even knowing it.

As I was passing by the front counter this morning en route to filling my coffee cup for the 3rd time I noticed something strange. Our showroom has, as many do, a few plants as part of the décor. This particular plant has a device holding it straight up and tied to the “trunks” was a nice red piece of string. I hope the red string was chosen purposely because it matches our logo, but I digress.

Upon further inspection I found the device supporting the plant was a part from a garage door opener complete with nuts and bolts to allow for height adjustment as the plant grows. (see photo) That’s ingenious! Now the perforated solid steel draw bar is obviously not designed to hold up a meek plant but it definitely gets the job done and considering what we do as a company it seems even more appropriate. I guess the office staff has their own ways of overcoming problems too!

So if you think for one minute that you may have a unique situation or issue with your garage door or garage door opener pick up the phone and call our staff. Chances are better than not that we’ve already experienced something similar and have a proven solution. You should expect that from a company that has a combined experience of 181 years, just sayin……