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I love seeing the old style maple syrup collection buckets it symbolizes the true beginning of spring to me. For me, there are few things better than a drizzle or two of fresh Grade A maple syrup on top of a short stack of buttermilk pancakes. Yes, if said syrup happens to run over into a sausage link or strip of bacon all the better.

So you are probably wondering what maple syrup and garage doors have to do with each other. The short answer is not much but the beginning of Spring can and should be a time for you to do an inspection of your garage door to see how it held up to the winter. You may find that a few things that don’t quite look like they did pre-winter and one of those may be your bottom section, especially if you have a wood door common to Vermont. There are a couple of reasons for replacing garage door sections. The first being that the wood bottom section has begun to show the signs of old age, warping, or it has become water logged. The second being that something has hit the garage door and you find yourself in a maple-syrup-like sticky situation.

Spring is the perfect time to replace those wood door bottom sections that have seen their last winter. Wood door bottom sections are susceptible to absorbing water. A couple of ways to help extend the life of your wood bottom section is to ensure that snow is cleared away from the door in a timely manner, and to ensure that the door is painted or stained every few years, if not each year. With paint season almost here it is a perfect time to replace the bottom section.

For the sections that have been hit, whether it was the snow removal company, or you accidentally hit the door we are here to help you get your door looking like new again. Here at Overhead Door of Rutland we keep a large selection of replacement sections in stock, and if we do not have the sections you are looking for we can get those ordered for you, no matter the make or model.

Just like fine Grade A Vermont maple syrup, we strive to be the region leader providing you with top of the line repairs and installation. With qualified technicians that have decades of experience delivering service that is top notch.

We’re just a click or phone call away and are always willing to give advice on the phone or send a friendly staff member out to inspect.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont