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Garage Doors and Your Skin

Heard an ad on the radio this morning on my commute. It was about the skin on your body and how it is your largest organ and needs to be taken care of. Like many people have told me I have selective hearing so I remember hearing that but if you called and asked me what the ad was for I couldn’t tell you. If I had to guess I’d imagine it was for some type of cream or lotion that will make me look 20 years younger and that quantities are limited so if I was within the first 100 callers I’d get free shipping and probably included the “But wait there’s more…”. Making me look even 5 years younger would be a miracle I would pay for but I’m not known for being that gullible.

I was, of course, driving to work and as you all may know I work for Overhead Door of Rutland which means by default my thoughts were about garage doors. I’m not exactly sure how this popped into my head nor do I fully understand how the synapses in my brain work but hear me out.

Your skin is your largest organ on your body and your garage door is the largest moving thing on your home. They do have a lot in common, let me explain.

You wash your skin everyday right? Well I have some good news for you. Your garage door only needs a good cleaning once a year. Keeping your skin and your garage door clean and healthy is a good thing.

If you have dry skin from time to time you can use one of the aforementioned advertised products to moisturize or lubricate it so it feel better. The same goes for your garage door. If you periodically lubricate the parts that get dry (hinges, pulleys, bearings, etc.) they will feel and work much better too.

If you happen to accidentally cut yourself you might get a Band-Aid to cover it up. If the wound is serious enough you go to a licensed practicing doctor. If your garage door gets a ding or dent you may just leave it as is or cover it up but if your newly licensed 17 year old son or daughter happens to wound your door you can call us. We’re the garage door doctors and yes, we are licensed and insured, and our technicians are factory trained. I’ll give you that their training is not as lengthy as an MD but they’re the best at their specialty.

I could go on with even more nebulous comparisons but the folks here in the office standing over my shoulder are shaking their collective heads and I think I heard someone mutter a “Seriously, you’re gonna post that?”

So skin and garage doors do have common attributes.

Moisturize your skin and lube your door. If your door gets damaged, remember, the garage door doctors at RutlandOHD are always in!

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont