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GPS? Who needs GPS?

I have to admit I am from the generation that struggles to read a map. I have, by most accounts, a terrible sense of direction. It must be because I am always thinking of something else while traveling.

I am “that guy” who relies almost solely on the little 4-inch screen attached to my windshield with a suction cup. I have virtually complete faith in that little voice that tells me to turn left in 500ft. I hear the word recalculating in my sleep. If you have an address I can find your location for the most part.

Yesterday, while working in the Rutland Location, a spirited conversation took place I was in earshot of. Our techs come back to the office when their day is complete and most of the time they take a quick peek at what their schedule looks like for the next day. On our scheduling board was a job for a tech team in a town they have not been to before. It started like this; “Hey, has anyone travelled out to this location before?” That question seems innocent enough but the answer shocked me. “Yeah, I’ve been out there, nice area. When you leave in the morning go south on Route X and get off on XYZ Street, it will be on your right about 12 miles or so. Stay on that road until you see the covered bridge on your left, about 5 minutes up the road. Once you pass the covered bridge there is a green barn on your right just past it. Hang a right at the green barn, I forget the street name, and that road will take right into the center of town. The town isn’t that big but when you get to the 4-way stop, go straight through and their road will be on the left.”

My jaw dropped. I spoke up and said. “Are you serious?” Yep, they’re serious.

After some thought I realized that it’s not that difficult to understand. We’ve been here for a long time, decades actually, and what’s more is that our senior core of technicians has been here for most of the duration. They put oodles of miles in daily, weekly, yearly and know our service area inside and out.

I can’t confirm this but I’d bet out techs have corrected their GPS a time or two over the years. Oh to be a fly on the wall when their unit says recalculating and they respond.

I would have no trepidation traveling in and around Vermont with any of these guys. I would even leave my GPS behind.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont