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Hey You, Yes You – It’s Me, Your Garage Door

To: My Owners

You know what? I’m not whining or anything but I’m out here in the cold today. Yesterday and last night I’ve been locked in a battle with two of Mother Nature’s friends. It was a double whammy tag team combo of Wind and Snow. When I have to take them on one at a time it’s fairly easy but when they team up on me I have to bring my A-game.

It’s ok though; I came through it just fine. I declare myself the winner but I know it’s just a battle I’ve won and the weather war continues.

Sometimes I feel a little unappreciated. Every day I go up and down. I typically see you in the morning when you’re leaving and in the afternoon when you get home. I’d feel a little better if you’d give me a wink or a wave when you’re leaving and maybe a smile when you get home. I spend 100% of my time keeping your car and some other belongings safe and secure. My two best friends are the Lawn Mower and Ladder. Of all the items in here they have the best stories like the time you tried to clean out the gutters while standing on the top step of the ladder. Doesn’t it clearly say “this is not a step”? Yeah, the ladder remembers. Or that time you didn’t see the golf ball under the grass and Mr. lawn mower spit it out right through the bedroom window. Oh we laugh at that one all the time.

If we could find a place to relocate the weed whacker that would be most appreciated. She doesn’t shut up. Yakkity, yakkity yack. The only time she’s quiet is when the Ethanol in the fuel for her 2-stroke motor gums things up.

But I digress. I took the time to compose this letter because I’d like to get some love this winter. Just yesterday the neighbors door was telling me that the good folks at Overhead Door of Rutland were over there giving him a tune up. I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing because my peripheral vision is not like it was when I was young but I did see a nice green truck with a fancy Red Ribbon on it.

From what he told me they lubricated all his joints, tested him for balance and adjusted his springs. They took a close look at his weather seal and performed a safety inspection to make sure he wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything. He then went on to tell me that he feels like a million bucks, almost as good as the day he was installed. We just finished coffee this morning and I was complaining about the wind and snow and you what he said to me? “Storm, what storm?”

I not trying to make you feel guilty or anything but I think it would be worth your time to contact Overhead Door of Rutland and see what they have to say. I know it would make me feel better and I’d let you slide on the wink, wave, or smile.

Oh yeah – their phone number is 1-800-281-5711 and if you want more details before calling I found this on their website.


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