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Install Now Decorate Later

The computer boom was due in large part to the implementation of what is called open architecture. When manufacturers standardized the connection points and design of the inner workings of the PC the industry took off like crazy.

Overhead Door brand doors have a bit of this built into them as well. The reasoning is not identical but the practicality does exist.

It’s a common occurrence for customers to want to change the look of their door. Painting is one way and we’ve outlined those steps in previous posts. Today we’re going to focus on the accessories.

Let’s start with the windows on your garage door. It might be time for a little facelift or time for the addition of some style and flare. A great many of our door series have the option to add window inserts. The choices are vast and have been designed to fit almost any style. The choices can be seen over here at the mother ship website.

The second most popular upgrade is decorative hardware. External handles and hinges are the norm. Found in different lengths, styles, and textures these can make for a very quick and beautiful appearance.

The best part? You don’t have to decide when your garage door is installed. In most cases they can be added at a later time because we’ve taken care to standardize the majority and leave the designing to you.

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