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Insulating Your Garage Door

So you had your door installed, hopefully by the Overhead Door Company, and at the time you really had no need to have your garage insulated so you saved some money and went with the look and style you wanted. But now you’re rethinking that decision because the garage now has things that may need to be keep warmer or in some cases cooler. Plus, your door is not that old and in good shape. You are not alone; we hear this all the time.

We have good news for you. Overhead Door of Rutland has insulation kits for many doors we sell. These can be installed by the homeowner and the pricing can range quite a bit depending on the size of your door but still ends up far less expensive than replacing the whole door.

There is one important thing you need to know should you attempt to take on this project yourself.

Whether you do it yourself or you have a professional come do it for you always remember you are adding weight to the garage door. This means that your garage door springs will have to adjusted or upgraded to support the additional weight. We have seen instances where a customer has visited a local hardware store and picked up polystyrene board or “blue board” and uses a sheetrock knife to carefully carve out the panels to fit – affixes them with duct tape (which we all know can be used for almost anything) and doesn’t realize they’ve just added 20lbs or more to their door. It will almost certainly be out of balance. Worse yet, on some doors with garage door openers you may not even notice a difference until you have the need to disconnect the motor from the door, power outage for example, and the door may come down unexpectedly due to the additional insulation weight. 5-10lbs can make a large difference in some doors.

Overhead Door does have the kits available specifically for your OHD product.

We always recommend a trained professional do the work. It does cost more but is worth it.

So yes, you can effectively convert your non-insulated door to something much more energy efficient. As long as you know you’re adding weight and can adjust the door to withstand it you should be all set.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont