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Moving Forward to Improve Customer Experience

Overhead Door Company of Rutland Vermont has recently completed the implementation of a new customer care platform.

Like many service companies Overhead Door of Rutland had been using a military-like paper system to control customer interactions and notifications. As technology evolves and a larger segment of the population embraces these technological changes many companies are forced to either adapt or let developing technologies pass them by.

With this new system RutlandOHD now has a more flexible and elegant way to assist customers more effectively. The new system allows for sharing of data which has always been a challenge. From a customer request for estimate to finishing the garage door installation every step is now tracked and logged for future review. This new review process provides a more nimble process for even greater efficiencies in the future.

Dave Ripley – Owner, Overhead Door of Rutland – “We have been seeing more and more customers looking for a quicker way to reach out to us over the past few years. We’ve had computers for things like accounting, basic email, and word processing but had never really utilized them for much else. With the total number of potential customers finding our website on both a computer and now more than ever a smart phone we began investigating new software to help us interact more quickly. Our final decision was to implement a platform that would be easy for us to use internally, easy to train new employees on, and allowed for a systematic approach to building automation over time. When a customer places an order we will have the capacity to keep them informed of each step. The way I see it, as a company we need to assist every customer the way they want and when they want. It’s not economically feasible for us to have staff available around the clock to answer phones nor do I think the folks in our communities would enjoy an answering service. Technology helps us in those respects when a friendly phone call is not possible. We’re never going to stop answering the phones during business hours like we’ve always done but for those customers who want or need our services using email or other available technology we’re here for them too. Internally, this new technology lets every person in our company share information with every other person no matter the location.”

Robert Gates – Marketing Director/IT – “This has not been an easy process for our staff. When you’ve operated so successfully for such a long period of time it’s fairly difficult to roll out systems that are as foreign to some users as a new language. Fortunately for us we have some of the most professional people in the garage door business and they’ve embraced this transition. Our company is stronger today than it was yesterday and I have the utmost confidence that as we begin to see the new benefits of an even more efficient information delivery system our customers, both past and present, will be the real beneficiaries. When you combine this with the rollout of our new responsive design website set to launch in the first quarter of 2014 we will be completely up-to-speed with the latest technologies on both desktop pc and mobile devices.”

Overhead Door of Rutland has been serving the local communities in Vermont, New Hampshire, and parts of New York since 1965. They provide sales and service on garage doors, dock equipment, and much more. 

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont