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New Garage Doors Pay you Back, I have proof.

It’s news for us, big news. As much as we love garage doors we’re also realistic. For the most part you don’t want or need to think about your garage door. Leave that to us, that’s what we do. It would be awesome if we could launch a “Fun with Garage Doors” video series on YouTube, and that may be something we’re working on, but garage doors are meant to be admired for their looks and functionality. Very rarely do you throw a party for friends and family celebrating the anniversary of your door. There’s no annual garage door appreciation day we can all celebrate either.

Just recently we were presented with a piece of information that you may enjoy. The 2014 Cost vs Value report just came out and I got mine via email. I am familiar with this report so I quickly chose our National area (New England), then Regional (in this case Burlington VT cause Rutland isn’t large enough, apparently, to be it’s own region, but close enough I say) and then scroll down the list of upscale projects and to what do my eyes appear? Second only to a specific siding replacement a new Garage Door returns 100.4% when you sell your home. Their math goes like this: If you spent $2614.00 on a door and turned around and sold your home you’d get back $2625.00 for just that upgrade! That’s pretty powerful stuff.

That speaks directly to our little business here in Rutland. Overhead Door is the predominant door that you all choose in this area so not only do you get a great return it’s also a terrific indicator of the quality of our doors.

I can tell you that we have many, and I mean many, styles and configurations that are far less than the $2614.00. Our Thermacore Series, for example, is virtually tailor made for our seasonal changes for reasons to lengthy to list, besides it would bore you unless you’re like us having “Fun with Garage Doors”.

For all the details or to see how other home improvement projects stack up check out our friends over here.

Me, I have to run out today to find some red spray paint I can use to make a giant heart on my garage door for my sweetie on Valentines Day, she’s going to be so excited…….. I’ll be sure to let you know how that turns out.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont