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No Ifs Ands or Buts

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with our owner or one of our managers you’ll quickly realize that the top two traits they all have are friendly professionalism and integrity. I have scoured our company handbook and nowhere in there can I find these two items. So where did they come from and why are they so prominent throughout our entire company?

I think maybe because they have so much combined experience and have molded themselves through the years to be so customer focused that they’ve found these two things, above all else, are what customers appreciate most respond positively to.

When you call our office and are in need of service or would like a quote on a new garage door or garage door opener our staff will respond in a manner that makes you feel like part of the family. We will welcome you to our company if it’s your first time and welcome you back if we’ve assisted you in the past. Treating customers like family also means that we’re going to give you straight honest answers, that’s what family is. Let’s say you have a 27-year-old garage door opener that has gone on the fritz. In almost every case we’re going to explain that is really doesn’t make sense for you to pay us for a service call. It may not be what you are wanting to hear but we know from experience that by the time you pay us for the call, pay us for the parts that may be necessary you’re already more than 75% of the way, from a cost point, to a brand new opener anyway. No If Ands or Buts about it.

We are the region leader in wood garage doors and stock more inventory of replacement sections than anyone. It’s Vermont and our customers here like to maintain the style this state is so well known for. Wood garage doors come with their own set of maintenance requirements to keep them looking and functioning for years. Unlike the steel doors that are so popular in other regions of the country wood doors need annual re-finishing to stop water from invading. A quick coat of sealant or fresh new paint once a year should do the trick. The downside…. If a wood door has been left unattended and the sections begin to swell and rot from water or insects you’ll need to replace it. We’re going to tell you when it needs replacing. In some cases, not often, we can’t match the existing style of your wood door. We have been doing this a long time but when a door is decades old, the product is no longer available and it will not be cost effective for you to have something custom made we will recommend a complete door replacement. No if ands or buts.

Once we exhaust every resource to try and meet your exact needs you can be sure that we won’t do your job “part way” or provide a “quick fix” unless you expressly tell us to. In the end when we leave your job it will be done correctly and professionally because that’s what you deserve and our integrity will never be in question.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont