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Now is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door, Here’s Why

Eat, sleep, think about, and work on garage doors. That’s what we do here at Overhead Door of Rutland. Collectively we put in countless hours making sure the doors in our area are the best looking and best running they can possibly be.

January through April could be considered a slower time in the garage door industry for one big reason; new construction. We live in New England, we have seasonal weather changes and when it’s super cold or super snowy there is one thing that comes to a grinding halt. New construction all but stops this time of year. Construction of new homes, developments, and business normally requires some type of digging. This year for sure the ground is frozen solid like a piece of Bethlehem Steel. The majority of our contractors work diligently to get foundations set well in advance of the winter months. We’ve met their need and have helped them get their jobs closed up for the winter with garage doors. This also means that we won’t be hearing from many of them until spring when the ground thaws and they begin new projects.

This is all good news for the current homeowners and businesses in our service area that have been considering a new garage door or simply need their doors tuned-up. The cold weather months don’t stop us, not by a long shot. Your garage door needs attention when it needs attention and we’re here when it does.

See, we’re like the checkout lanes at the department stores. When it’s the holiday season stores have all their lanes open but you still have to wait a little because there are so many people trying to checkout. But, if you go to the store in mid February on a Thursday afternoon there will be fewer lanes open but checkout is much easier. Here’s where we’re different. Even when it’s not the “holiday season” we still have all our checkout lanes open. That means there is virtually no waiting.

So if you’re in the market for a new Garage Door or would just like a Free Consultation with one of our experts now is a great time to reach out to us. No lines, no waiting.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont