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Preparing for Your Needs – The Old School Way

Like many service companies we have a pretty elegant system in place to insure that jobs and customers get the attention they deserve when they need it. We still use magnets, tags, post-its, while you were outs, with a pen and paper. It’s incredibly efficient, easy to learn, and has been built over the past 20 years. The system hasn’t changed that much during this time except for some minor tweaks here and there necessary for new products and services we offer. It works for us very well and the old saying that; if it isn’t broken don’t fix it still applies. Even with the internet, emails, smart phones and something called the cloud we’ve found that classic customer service through direct interaction and a phone call is still king with our customers.

The cornerstone of our system is making sure we are prepared. Taking every necessary step before we even put the first screw in a door or tighten a single bolt is how we operate.

The lifecycle of our process starts with you, the customer. Hopefully we’ve done our job and have built your trust enough to allow us to come visit your home or business to answer questions and perform a short site survey to see what your project looks like. During this site inspection we are starting the preparedness process. Our sales team is taking measurements, inspecting the opening for anything out of the ordinary, and taking notes.

Once you place your order for a new garage door we have to get your door on order from the factory. From there we check with the logistics team to see where your job will fit on our schedule in relation to your specific time frame and the arrival date of your door. These preparations are being made days, weeks, and sometime months in advance based on your needs.

The logistics team then prepares to receive your door. We receive advanced notification from the factory of when to expect a delivery and in some cases we need to arrange staff to be here to unload the truck. Even before that happens we tag a location in our warehouse for your door to live once it gets here. Upon arrival every part, panel, and piece of hardware is inspected and checked off so we know your product is complete and ready.

The night before your installation our factory trained technicians load your door on their service vehicle and again mark off the parts as they go into the van. In addition to this the technicians will also, using their years of experience, pull some inventory from our shelves to make sure that if your job requires something that the sales team might have missed that they have what they need while they are on location. We call this the “just-in-case” inventory and there are very few instances where they are not prepared to complete the job in whole.

We also stock twice to three times as much parts inventory than our competitors because, for us, being prepared to serve you means not having to wait for a replacement spring, pulley, hinge, or even circuit board.

We do everything in our power to make sure that we are good-to-go when it comes time to installations and service. We’ve also found that having fully stocked service vehicles combined with professionally trained technicians provides garage door service unrivalled in our area.

Our systems are old school for sure but we’re always at the ready.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont