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The Arctic Vortex, Winter Storm Names, and Your Garage

The Arctic Vortex, I understand basically what it is but when did that phrase get coined. When I was little there were days that were cold, really cold, but I don’t recall cold weather being an instance of something. All I knew was Mom saying; “You’d better bundle up if you’re going out to play, it’s cold out there.” Now it’s a Vortex of some sort, harrumph I say.

And what’s with the naming of winter storms now. Those titles used to be reserved for Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, and Typhoons. I don’t need to know that Ivan is bringing us 10-14 inches of snow, just tell me how much and when to expect it. Just sayin’. It would make for an interesting dialogue when the weather folks pick a name, and you know they will if even by accident, that can be ridiculed by us. I can hear it now. “Marvin will be colliding with Ned on Friday afternoon. When they eventually get together Oscar will form off the Eastern seaboard and dump 16 inches or more of frozen precipitation starting in the overnight hours. We expect Oscar to have the biggest impact in the greater New York Metro area. This will be an extended weather event and possibly the biggest storm of the season. Oscar should clear out by early Sunday morning but don’t let your guard down because we are also tracking Peter who is coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and the European Model has his track on almost the same course as Oscar.” Good grief.

Now the cold is something we deal with here on a daily basis. Your garage door is on the front lines for you when the temperature dips down to near zero. I can’t remember a winter season going by where we haven’t had more than a few customers whose pipes have frozen in the garage. Thankfully those that do contact us for solutions and eventually have us install a Thermacore Series door or something with even greater insulating value. We’re not in the biz of replacing frozen or burst pipes but we can most certainly help curb that sort of frustration and inconvenience.

So the next time you here the phrase Arctic Vortex think of Thermacore by Overhead Door. They’re solid doors we recommend highly for any season.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont