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Uniquely Vermont, Hard acts to follow

It’s in our name, the word Vermont that is. Overhead Door Company of Rutland Vermont is who we are and where we are all in one tidy phrase. It’s not something we take lightly. There is an inherent responsibility with attaching this state’s name to your business. We have written previously about being Vermont Friendly and not just being friendly to the people in Vermont either. It’s about living up to a standard that has been set by the people who live and work here. It’s a founding principle we use at both our facilities including the one in NY.

Vermont is home to some iconic brands that are uniquely Vermont. Who hasn’t heard of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? I mean seriously, take a tour of their manufacturing facility filled with bright colors, super friendly staff and flavors almost unimaginable from the names they are given. Born just a stone’s throw north of us in Burlington and now residing in Waterbury I’m getting a hankering for some Phish Food right now. Ben & Jerrys = Vermont

Keeping with the food theme my absolute favorite cheese of all time is the Cabot 50% less fat cheddar. For me it has the perfect balance of nutty flavor and texture I’ve yet to find in any other cheese. I also enjoy the boutique cheeses from Grafton Village. Cheese = Vermont

Flannel: The images your mind conjures up about Vermont almost certainly will include flannel. The Vermont Flannel Company has been around for well over 20 years and have been inducted into the US Foundation Hall of Fame for their continuing commitment to Made in the USA. Flannel + Made in US = Vermont

I could go on and on about Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Simon Pearce, King Arthur Flour and many more companies that are Vermont and I hope they stay that way. It just seems right to me.

Overhead Door of Rutland is striving everyday to be one of these companies. We are a OHD Distributor for a much larger company but just like every other franchise type business the flavor is designed by the operator. IN our case we have Dave and Kim Ripley at the helm. They took over the location a short while ago and have already had a huge impact on the family culture, customer satisfaction, and service they strive so hard to build.

We hope that when you think garage door you think Overhead Door but even more important to us is those two words at the end of our name: Rutland, Vermont. We know there’s only one way to get there and the roadmap for success in Vermont is provided by all those outstanding companies we mentioned earlier. It’s a lofty standard but worth the effort. We know it and we’re willing to prove it.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont