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We know, We know, but where’s the advantage?

Like many small businesses we spend a fair amount of time paying attention to what our competition is doing. We’re sure they do the same with us and that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because competition makes us a better company both professionally and technically which ultimately provides you, the customer, with far greater products and services.

We’re pretty sure they pay attention to us as well; in fact, we know they do and that works to your benefit too. All garage door companies need to know or understand their competition and strive to be the best in the market. This is the only way we can collectively build a level of trust in our communities. We all know that a happy customer will tell a couple of people about their good experience and that an unhappy customer will tell 10 times more people about a bad one.

Being a small business we also have competition from other outside entities or more specifically the big box, national chains. They sell garage doors too. They offer online pricing that, at first glance, seems like a terrific bargain. Backed by what we would consider an insurmountable amount of advertising dollars and veritable armies of specialized professionals to show you what they have to offer it can be a challenge to compete.

But again, competition makes us stronger and we compete by providing you with the information needed to make an informed decision, taking the time to personally visit you, and providing you with industry leading installation technicians. If you take our highly specialized staff and combine it with the areas best support after the sale, product warranty and even pricing it’s not a hard decision at all.

True – you can go online, configure your door, and get a price from a big box

True – they have evolved enough to offer similar products in style

True – they can arrange for installation for you from a pool of people willing to do the work

We – send someone out to every location, no exceptions and no charge, to inspect the opening

We – provide you with guidance, design service, and information for many scenarios

We – have product specific technicians that are factory trained to do the work

We – are fully insured

We – can almost always beat their price, get you better quality, and still provide all of the above

We – are a phone call away if you experience any problems and you’ll know who you’re speaking with

So, yes, you can purchase your door from our competition. You may be able to even install it yourself to save a little money in that respect but we call sell you a door, cash and carry, as well. With us you have convenient local access to parts and advice too.

So if the pricing was almost identical, or better, and you are in the market for a garage door ask yourself these questions. Do I want to make a purchase because it seems more convenient or buy directly from the manufacturer? Do I want to have the door installed by factory trained technicians or subcontractor? Will I have a direct number to call if I need service or “Press 1 for sales, 2 for tech support.”? What kind of warranty will I have?

We would be doing you a great disservice by not, at least, letting you know what you could be missing out on.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont