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We’re Prepared because You Deserve It

When I think about what our garage door technicians accomplish everyday it amazes me. These guys are the last link in our business chain and, in most cases, the last contact you have with Overhead Door of Rutland. What sets them apart is the level by which they are prepared to assist you with your needs, whatever they may be.

As a company we pride ourselves on being ready when you need us and that readiness is expensive, let me explain.

We spend countless hours scheduling jobs, working closely with our customers to insure we complete jobs on time, every time, and more importantly when it’s most convenient for you. Our jobs would be much much easier if we could simply dictate when we do installations or service but that doesn’t put the customer first or take into account any out of the ordinary issues. For example if the local fire company has a broken spring on a large garage door that would certainly be considered a priority. We must take into consideration that those jobs will arise and we do by leaving slivers of time available each day for just that circumstance.

By design we notify our techs days, sometimes weeks, in advance of upcoming jobs to allow for their input as well. They’re the ones that quietly peruse jobs and let us know exactly what they need prior to arrival, ask us questions that we may have overlooked, or inform us of historical details if they’ve been there before.

The most impressive part, at least from my point of view, is the fact that our trucks are always carrying just about anything needed for any service call. If we have a truck on a job in Bennington and a customer calls in with a broken garage door spring in Brattleboro we know that the specific spring needed is already on the truck. We can then confidently dispatch that truck, already in the field, directly to that location that needs the spring. That’s just one example.

This part of how we do business is expensive. All of our trucks are rolling warehouses of parts and because we don’t know what we will need at any given point we stock them to have almost everything. It’s important not only for our own efficiency but more so for your satisfaction. When you’re stuck or your garage door becomes unsafe we are the company that can get their first with professionally trained technicians and the correct garage door parts.

When you extrapolate the number of trucks we have on the road and the inventory contained therein its mind blowing to realize just how much capital is stored in each vehicle. There are many parts that may never get used but it seems there’s always that one instance where we’re glad they had it available where and when you, the customer, needed it.

Being prepared at Overhead Door of Rutland is more than having a swiss army knife or piece of flint in our pocket. It’s about being there when you need us, not when it’s convenient or inexpensive for us.

All you need to be prepared for garage door service is our phone number and rest assured that one phone call to us will have you back in business quickly.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont