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Wooden Garage Doors

Did someone say style? When we invented the garage door back in the early 1900’s the initial idea was to find a way to cover a very large opening yet make it very convenient to open and close based on needs. The most plentiful and easiest product to work with was wood.

Wooden garage doors have been around as long as, well, garage doors. There’s something quite unique about these types of doors today. You can drive through just about any community and see many different series of garage doors installed but the one that makes you tap your brakes are the wooden ones. They look genuine, add some style, and increase the curb appeal significantly.

Here at Overhead Door of Rutland we still sell tons of wooden doors. It’s true; all true that steel, aluminum, and in some cases vinyl have “taken over” this industry we work in. As Doors get bigger and are required to perform more frequently the applications for a non-wood door grow day by day. Homeowners and businesses alike enjoy the virtually maintenance free application of the more modern doors.

There is now somewhat of a renaissance going on and, although we sell wood doors almost everyday, even we are seeing an uptick in folks looking for that something special to make their property stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing quite like the reaction a friend or family member has when pulling into your driveway and staring them smack dab in the face is a stunning exotic wood door finished and crafted to match your home exactly.

When cared for properly these doors will last a lifetime and contrary to popular belief they do not require constant attention. Only slightly more maintenance than a door made of something else is required. Protecting this investment is easier than people think. It all starts with a professional installation. Since these doors are not your average plain Jane cookie cutter product they require a specific set of skills and experience of a qualified installer. We have those people on our staff and more than one.

We’re a company steeped deep in a tradition of quality service and will help you make a selection and walk you and yours through every step. No detail will be left unchecked. All this adds up to a working piece of art that will bring you years of satisfaction.

Your Overhead Door of Rutland Team – The Wooden Garage Door Specialists