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You think you’re busy? – A work day in the Life of Our GM

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to spend a day on the road with our General Manager – John Gilbert. I respectfully declined because I had only been with Overhead Door of Rutland for a short while. John, is his own easy going way, asked me a few more times and although I can’t prove it I think their might have been a discussion with the Owner too. I eventually relented and we chose a day that John had a “medium” amount of stops to make.

Full disclosure here: I would most likely be considered a “city boy” in so much as if I can’t get to a restaurant, grocery store, or convenience store in less than 47 seconds it just seems like too much work. Not lazy, just impatient to a fault. I blame my kids for that and they will have to carry that burden.

So ignition started, cell phones plugged in, radio station agreed upon and off we go. I’ll start with the layout of John’s company car. The NASA technicians would be so proud. Laptop, printer, GPS, cell phone, and power inverter making an annoying whir all the while. Oh he’s prepared, that’s for sure.

First silly question I ask. Where’s our first stop? John – Oh, we’re just going to hop on down to Shaftsbury to meet with a homeowner and drop off a quote. Cool, I replied. Wait, did you say Shaftsbury? Yep. But that’s like near Bennington right? Sure is. So my impatience kicks in and I am trying to find a subject to talk about that could last the seemingly 13 hour drive. But what I am finding is that I cannot get a word in edgewise because his phone is going off every 7 minutes. Without missing a beat John answered all the calls and had all the information needed for the customers from memory. This guy is no joke, I thought to myself. Maybe he staged the calls for my benefit.

First stop, pleasant greeting, information delivered, happy homeowner and back to the car. Jotting down a couple of quick notes and away we go. Where to next John? We’re swinging on over to Stratton with some samples for a new construction project. How far is that? Wait, don’t answer I don’t want to know. 7.2hrs later we arrive with the trip consisting of more phone calls and impressive mobile customer service.

Let me stop for a minute. I must admit that I had my first (or at least that I could remember) ride through a covered bridge on this leg of our journey. It was something out of pictures that I’d only seen. Very cool.

Anyway, we meet the next homeowner right on time and their new house is well under construction. John grabs the requested literature and samples for the homeowner and his wife to review. They are trying to decide on a color while John is measuring the openings and taking notes for the installers. They are asking questions and he’s giving answers like he knew the questions before the test. Deposit check received, doors getting ordered, and installation date to be determined.

I could continue on with the other 3 stops we made that day but I think I’m getting my original point across. He’s busy, super busy this time of the year. From residential to commercial he has more knowledge in his shirt pocket than I may ever acquire with this company and it shows. We got 49 hours of work done in the 6 ½ the clock said we spent.

To top it all off he makes everyone extremely comfortable. He is honest and friendly. In my very humble opinion John should be tasked with writing a manual or creating a video series on how to treat customers.

Don’t just take my word for it. After all I do work here and am biased. Give us a call; ask for John, you won’t regret it.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont