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Sports – The Kryptonite of Your Garage Door

Short of a natural disaster or someone actually driving into your garage door when it is closed the arch enemy of your door is sports. Let me explain. It’s just natural for your driveway to be a basketball court, hockey rink, tennis court, or kickball field. We’ve even seen garage doors that have been baseball backstops. For a kid, having a wide open, clean, hard surface is the stuff imaginations are made of. It all fits together. Balls bounce higher, roll truer and it makes for a great surface to start and stop on a dime.

All this adds up to a door that can be peppered with dents and dings especially if you have an aluminum or steel door. Sure they’re made to last and last but they just can’t hold up to the beating sports can give.

There are a few things you can do to get the dents out or at the very least make them less noticeable. Do a quick Google search for “how to remove dents from y garage door” and you’ll be presented with a large number of step-by-step instructions. Basically you’ll want to clean the dent very well, heat it up with a lighter, and then cool it down with a can of compressed air and the little dent should pop right out. This will not help with more obtrusive dents like a door hit with a hammer or any other crease type blemish. But small round dents should pop right out.

Now, if you have a wooden door you’re in a little more luck because you have the ability to use some readymade wood type fillers and a fresh coat of paint to bring your door back to, as good as you can get it, new.

Here at Overhead Door we have the ultimate sports protection package. I know this is a stretch but if you would like a new door and you have sports minded kids or you know you might have sports minded kids in the near future we have a solution. The Durafirm Collection is engineered with sports and low maintenance in mind. Durafirm garage doors are made of a rugged, thick skin of vinyl which means that they are dent resistant and easy to maintain.

They are available on 4 colors to help match your existing home trim and can be fitted with either clear or privacy glass. Durafirm is offered in a standard panel design or a stamped design with each having an R-Value of 11.75 for superb insulating efficiency.

The Durafirm doors have a wood grain textured finish and with our use of UV-resistant resins and color all the way through the vinyl these doors are made to look like their freshly painted for years. A 15 year limited warranty rounds out the compliments.  For more information and available options we’ve included this link for your review.

Download Durafirm Brochure | Download Durafirm Warranty

So go ahead and mount that basketball hoop on your garage. Just make sure you have a door than can withstand the abuse or be prepared for dents, dings, and blemishes.

Your Overhead Door Team – Of Rutland Vermont

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