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How do they answer the phone?

Remember those days when the local radio station ran contests that you would have to call in to win? I still hear some these days but not like they used to. A local pizza place would offer up a free pizza to listeners of a local radio station and they’d run a contest. The DJ … Continued

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We know, We know, but where’s the advantage?

Like many small businesses we spend a fair amount of time paying attention to what our competition is doing. We’re sure they do the same with us and that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because competition makes us a better company both professionally and technically which ultimately provides you, the customer, with far … Continued

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Uniquely Vermont, Hard acts to follow

It’s in our name, the word Vermont that is. Overhead Door Company of Rutland Vermont is who we are and where we are all in one tidy phrase. It’s not something we take lightly. There is an inherent responsibility with attaching this state’s name to your business. We have written previously about being Vermont Friendly … Continued

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Trouble-Shooting Tips – Remote Stops Working

When your remote stops working first try: 1. Replace battery (you might have to remove a screw which is usually located under the visor clip) 2. File the metal battery terminals (prongs) with an emery board If the above does not work you might need to reprogram or replace remote.

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